BioE 405: Principles of Nanotechnology

University of Illinois at Chicago
Department of BioEngineering

Class schedule: 09:00AM, MWF
Room 236 SEO
For Undergrad. Students: CRN: 28174 Lecture-Discussion (3 Credit-Hours)
For Graduate Students: CRN: 28175 Lecture-Discussion (4 Credit Hours)
Prerequisite(s): Senior standing or above / Consent of the instructor.


Nanotechnology: The cutting-edge technology.
Introduction to nanotechnology.
Principles of nanotechnology.
Advances in nanotechnology.

Tools for nanotechnology. Experiments in nanotechnology. Nanoscale devices. Nanostructured materials. Nanomanufacturing. Computational nanotechnology – Simulations, computational methods.

Lessons in nanotechnology from nature. Nanotechnology & life cycle analysis. Sustinability through nanotechnology


Energy sources, conversion and conservation; Renewables, i.e. Solar; Non-renewables, i.e. catalysis design, petroleum Refining. Nanofluidic devices.
Environmental: Pollution control, prevention and site remediation.
Biosystems: Drug design, delivery and targeting through nanotechnology – Cancer and Alzheimer’s disease prevention, detection and treatment through nanotechnology.

Safety & ethical aspects of nanotechnology

Nanotechnology investing

Tour of nanotechnology facilities.

Instructor: G.A. Mansoori, Professor

Office: Room 204 SEO, Phone: (312) 996-5592 E-Mail: mansoori at uic dot edu

Textbook: PRINCIPLES OF NANOTECHNOLOGY - Molecular-Based Study of Condensed Matter in Small Systems, by G A Mansoori, World Sci. Pub. Co, 2005).